How to force a compile error in C++(17) if a function return value isn’t checked? Ideally through the type system

We are writing safety critical code and I'd like a stronger way than [[nodiscard]] to ensure that checking of function return values is caught by the compiler.


  • MSVC++ 2019
  • Something that doesn't rely on warnings
  • Warnings-as-Errors also doesn't work
  • It's not feasible to constantly run static analysis
  • Macros are OK
  • Not a runtime check, but caught by the compiler
  • Not exception based

I've been trying to think how to create a type(s) that, if it's not assigned to a variable from a function return, the compiler flags an error.


struct MustCheck
  bool success;

MustCheck DoSomething( args )
  return MustCheck{true};

int main(void) {
  MustCheck res = DoSomething(blah);
  if( !res.success ) { exit(-1); }

  DoSomething( bloop ); // <------- compiler error

If such a thing is provably impossible through the type system, I'll also accept that answer ;)

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