Trying to get a simple GET response in Vue.js by pressing a button (with axios), does not work

I have tried suggestions such as:

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simple typescript function with axios get call does not work

None have solved the issue.

This is the code that I have (port 2020, doesn't work with 8080 either):

    <p>{{ testResponse }}</p>
      <button v-on:click="sendRequest">Get Data</button>
    const axios = require("axios");
    export default {
      name: 'Auth',
      created: function () {
      data: function () {
        return {
      beforeMount() {},
      methods: {
        sendRequest() {
        async getEvents(url) {
              .then(response => {this.testResponse =})

Pressing the button does not do anything. The GET does get sent, servers process the GET, but no data is obtained from it... What am I doing wrong ?

Edit: removed the junk.

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