TypeError: nameList.map is not a function by using antd validateFields()?

Everything worked well before i add validateFields()and rule, now i receive an errorTypeError: nameList.map is not a function, also i am trying to use async/awit, i am not sure why it happened, the previous code is working perfectly without validateFields() please someone help me.

  updateCategory = () => {
    //hide confirm box
    this.formRef.current.formRef.current.validateFields(async (err, values) => {
      if (!err) {
          showStatus: 0,
        const categoryId = this.category._id;
        const categoryName = this.formRef.current.formRef.current.getFieldValue(
        //Reset fields to initialValues
        //request to update category
        const result = await reqUpdateCategory({ categoryId, categoryName });
        if (result.status === 0) {
          //reload display list

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64399070/typeerror-namelist-map-is-not-a-function-by-using-antd-validatefields

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