How to send low-energy bluetooth data packets using nRF52840?

I want to play around with two nRF52840; one as a receiver and another as transmitter. Something simple as sending ble input to one, where different sized packets may be sent for different number of times (eg 8-byte packet for 500 times or 4-byte packet 1000 times... just for the sake of example. don't take this literally).

But to be honest, I'm not sure where or how to start. I have tried the Blinky examples (setting one nRF52840 as a transmitter and the other receiver etc.) and that works fine, but it has nothing of my own. I want to add something at least to reflect the application mentioned above, if not start from the scratch. Any suggestions on how to approach this? Thanks!

PS: I'm using C on SEGGER.

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