Select from a table with Limit expression works, without – fails

For a table t with a custom field c which is dictionary I could use select with limit expression, but simple select failes:

q)r1: `n`m`k!111b;
q)r2: `n`m`k!000b;
q)t: ([]a:1 2; b:10 20; c:(r1; r2));
a b  c
1 10 `n`m`k!111b
2 20 `n`m`k!000b
q)select[2] c[`n] from t
q)select c[`n] from t
  [0]  select c[`n] from t

Is it a bug, or am I missing something?


Why does select [2] c[`n] from t work here?

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