Compare function argument of typedef struct with its instance declaration in C

I'm trying to write the following function,

#define CW  0
#define CCW 1

typedef struct
  uint8_t dir;
  uint8_t sr;
  uint8_t pwml;
  uint8_t en;
  uint8_t state;
  uint8_t runstate;
  uint8_t endstop_status;
} Motor_Params;

Motor_Params Motor_M1;
Motor_Params Motor_M2;
Motor_Params Motor_M3;
Motor_Params Motor_M4;

void Home_Motor(Motor_Params *motor, uint8_t dir)
  if (dir == CCW)
    // Start moving motor towards the endstop.
    while (motor->endstop_status != 1)
      if (motor == Motor_M1)
      else if (motor == Motor_M2)
      else if (motor == Motor_M3)
      else if (motor == Motor_M4)

I'm trying to compare Motor_Params *motor to its instance declaration that way I can use this fn for multiple motors. When I try compiling this, I get,

error: invalid operands to binary == (have 'Motor_Params *' and 'Motor_Params')
  if (motor == Motor_M1)

How do I compare Motor_Params *motor to any of its instance declarations?

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