Trying to make a scrollable table, with fixed size app

I am trying to set a scrollable bloc in my electron/react/material ui app. I want the app to take whatever size the user resize it too, and I want a list of data in this bloc, to be the only scrollable element (if other element have enough space, but this element doesn't), for example there : screen shot with cursor for wanted fixed size element, and for variable sized element

Here I almost get what I want, but, I've forced a fixed minHeight and maxHeight into my "variable" element, so, it's variable, it doesn't take all the free left space, it take always a fixed amount of space, resulting either on a gap between the end of the list, and the bottom bar, or in forcing the whole app to be scrolled when it takes too much space regarding the app size.

How can I make a "scrollable box"? The element I want to be scrollable is a Table from Material Ui

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