Deal with carriage return while filtering rows of pandas dataframe with str.contains and AND operation

I would like to filter my dataframe on the rows whose "Libelle" string column contains every element in a specific list of strings.

I found some great information about how to filter on rows that contains the intersection of string variables in a list (see here ).

The solution is to use the following regex

df[df['Libelle'].str.contains(r'(?=.*word1)(?=.*word2)...((?=.*word3)', case = False, regex = True)

Now I am facing an issue. It works except for the the lines where there is a carriage return.

So I tried in vain the following regex :




I do not know if this could help : the dataframe contains data loaded from an excel file.

Does any one has faced a similar problem ? Any help is welcome !! Many Thanks !

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