I have multiple onClick button and whenever I click 1 button all the same buttons triggers. Reactjs

All of my components are the same here's a sample.

 const [show, setShow] = useState(false);


    return (
        <Box align="center">
            <Box pb={2}>
                <Box align="left">
                    <h1>UI Elements</h1>
                        <h2 align = 'Left'><FormatColorFillIcon/> Colors</h2>
                <IconButton onClick={()=> setShow(!show)} aria-label="Hello sir" align = "right">
                { show ? 
                    <div><Paper className = {classes.paperColor}>
                            <SyntaxHighlighter classes = {classes.paperColor} language="javascript" style={docco} align = "left" style = {dracula}> 
                    </div> : null}

I want to trigger the only button that i clicked. I'm sorry i'm new at react js

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66279132/i-have-multiple-onclick-button-and-whenever-i-click-1-button-all-the-same-button

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