I have android app ( vue ,webpack ,framework7 ) source code I want to build apk

I got source code from client of what I thought is a react-native built app. I only worked with android studio java/kotlin. I want to build an apk to test my work. but I don't know how was the app initially built I tried the documentation to build with vue, cordova, webpack ..I get error response that this project is not a vue/cordova/webpack project .

It also has gradle files, I really need some help here ..

The structure of the project is as follows : project files structure

Can you help me determine the correct way to export apk for debug, and for release ? What I know is, the files I found to modify are all .vue files under src/assets/vue/pages

Additionally,I tried

npm start
npm run android

and both returned

missing script start / android 

then I tried

tns build android

and it returned

no project found at or above '/home/apppath'

similarily, running :

cordova info


Current working directory is not a Cordova-based project.

In the package.json file, it says:

Brand new cordova project with framework7 - vue - webpack!

and :

"scripts": {
"default": "echo \"There is no scripts you can run with npm run command.\" && exit 1"

I still need help,..

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64396750/i-have-android-app-vue-webpack-framework7-source-code-i-want-to-build-apk

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