Read a value from DataStore once to update options menu checkbox state in a fragment

I save the state of an options menu checkbox item (checked/unchecked) in Jetpack DataStore:

override fun onOptionsItemSelected(item: MenuItem) =
    when (item.itemId) { -> {
            item.isChecked = !item.isChecked
        else -> super.onOptionsItemSelected(item)

which calls through to this method:

suspend fun updateHideCompleted(hideCompleted: Boolean) {
    dataStore.edit { preferences ->
        preferences[PreferencesKeys.HIDE_COMPLETED] = hideCompleted

Now I want to restore this checkbox state when my fragment comes onto the screen. But since Jetpack DataStore provides the user preferences in form of a Flow, this feels a bit hacky. I collect from this Flow in onPrepareOptionsMenu and use the take(1) operator to only do it once, because after that I don't need to update the checkbox from the preferences anymore, the state automatically changes when I click the options menu item:

override fun onPrepareOptionsMenu(menu: Menu) {
    lifecycleScope.launch {
            .take(1) // I want this to update only when the fragment comes onto the screen, afterward it's unnecessary
            .collect {
                menu.findItem( = it.hideCompleted

Is this the correct approach? It feels a bit hacky. Will the asynchronicity cause problems in certain cases?

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