How to make edge marker color

Matplotlib has the option to specify a edge color, e.g. How to set the border color of the dots in matplotlib's scatterplots?

In gnuplot, I work it around with

array data[500]
do for [i=1:500] {data[i]=invnorm(rand(0))}

pl data ps 2 pt 7, "" ps 2 pt 6 lc "black"

However, this requires a second loop over the data (and more duplicated typing, in particular when more complex column operations are involved). Moreover, the legend is not as intended.

How can the legend be fixed? Or are there better ways?

(E.g. for postscript terminals a solution is to parse the output, set out "| sed '/ hpt 0 360/s/ Pnt//; s,hpt.*arc fill, 2 copy & stroke LTb Circle, ' >

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