Discord.js – Why is the messageReactionAdd event is completly blocked?

I've been trying to create a Discord bot. A lot of interactions are done through reactions, and I've been aware of the fact that only cached messages triggered the messageReactionAdd event. So I picked the following piece of code that is supposed to emit the packets corresponding to reactions added to "old" (not cached) messages. But it seems to completely block any packets concerning reactions adding because now none is emitted. Is there something that I've been doing wrong ? Thanks.

My "raw.js" file :

module.exports = {
    run: (client, packet) => {

        // We don't want this to run on unrelated packets
        if (!['MESSAGE_REACTION_ADD', 'MESSAGE_REACTION_REMOVE'].includes(packet.t)) return;
        // Grab the channel to check the message from
        const channel = client.guilds.cache.get(packet.d.guild_id).channels.cache.get(packet.d.channel_id);

        const messageID = packet.d.message_id;
        // There's no need to emit if the message is cached, because the event will fire anyway for that
        if (channel.messages.has(messageID)) return;

        // Since we have confirmed the message is not cached, let's fetch it
        channel.messages.fetch(messageID).then(message => {
            // Emojis can have identifiers of name:id format, so we have to account for that case as well
            const emoji = packet.d.emoji.id ? `${packet.d.emoji.name}:${packet.d.emoji.id}` : packet.d.emoji.name;
            // This gives us the reaction we need to emit the event properly, in top of the message object
            const reaction = message.reactions.get(emoji);
            // Adds the currently reacting user to the reaction's users collection.
            if (reaction) reaction.users.set(packet.d.user_id, client.users.get(packet.d.user_id));
            // Check which type of event it is before emitting
            if (packet.t === 'MESSAGE_REACTION_ADD') {
                client.emit('messageReactionAdd', reaction, client.users.get(packet.d.user_id));
            if (packet.t === 'MESSAGE_REACTION_REMOVE') {
                client.emit('messageReactionRemove', reaction, client.users.get(packet.d.user_id));

My "event fetcher" :

const fs = require('fs')

fs.readdir('./events/', (err, files) => {
    if (err) return console.error(err);
    files.forEach((file) => {
        const eventFunction = require(`./events/${file}`);
        if (eventFunction.disabled) return;

        const event = eventFunction.event || file.split('.')[0];
        const emitter = (typeof eventFunction.emitter === 'string' ? client[eventFunction.emitter] : eventFunction.emitter) || client;
        const { once } = eventFunction;

        try {
            emitter[once ? 'once' : 'on'](event, (...args) => eventFunction.run(client, ...args));
        } catch (error) {

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64943126/discord-js-why-is-the-messagereactionadd-event-is-completly-blocked

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