Hi , why my try block is skipping and control is going to finally block with out giving any exception?

my code is like below

    System.out.println("Inside getPayloadFromKibana elsatic host" + elasticHost);
    RestHighLevelClient restClient = new RestHighLevelClient(RestClient
                    .builder(new HttpHost(elasticHost, 7008, "http"))//here port number is differnt.
                            requestConfigBuilder -> requestConfigBuilder.setConnectTimeout(60000).setSocketTimeout(60000))
    System.out.println("restClient ::"+restClient);
    SearchRequest searchRequest = new SearchRequest();
    }catch(Exception e){

when i execute my project in debug mode i see that my controll is going to finally block when ever it runs on RestHighLevelClient creating object , and it is not giving any exception or not coming into catch block , why it is behaving like this can any one please help here?

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