Romilly Cocking’s MicroPlot Brings Simple Graphical Plotting to MicroPython on the Raspberry Pi Pico

Maker Romilly Cocking has published a tool, dubbed MicroPlot, which brings graphical plotting to MicroPython — starting with initial support for the Raspberry Pi Pico and Pimoroni's display-equipped Pico Explorer add-on. Launched late last month , the Raspberry Pi Pico — the first microcontroller board from Raspberry Pi, and the first device to host its in-house RP2040 silicon has proven popular, powering a range of projects and with companies keen to launch both add-on gadgets and RP2040-powered boards of their own . As the platform matures, it's getting an increasing amount of software and hardware support — and Cocking's MicroPlot is designed for as-simple-as-possible graphical plotting on a connected display. In its present version, MicroPlot runs within MicroPython on the Raspberry Pi Pico - though it should, in theory, be portable both to other RP2040-based devices and other MicroPython-compatible microcontrollers. The software offers monochrome line plots, plus bitmap generation — and Cocking has a range of other features he's looking to add. "Lots more to do," Cocking writes: "Colours, other plots, other displays, support for Adafruit CircuitPython." The source code for MicroPlot is available on Cocking's GitHub repository , under the permissive MIT license.

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