ZDI’s KNX HAT Integrates Your Raspberry Pi, or Other SBC, Into a KNX/EIB Home Automation Network

French home automation specialist ZDI has launched an add-on board for the Raspberry Pi and compatible single-board computers designed for integration into a smart home system: the KNX HAT. "Raspberry Pi Hat for KNX/EIB, the standardized protocol for smart home automation," the company explains of its launch. "It allows your Raspberry Pi to connect to your home and operate it with your favourite KNX ready home automation software (Home Assistant, Jeedom...). It can also be used to program your participants with ETS [Engineering Tool Software]." The board includes an isolated KNX/EIB TP-UART interface and a 12-24V 2A DC-DC step-down power supply input, which can be used in place of the Raspberry Pi's own power input. There's an on-board real-time clock (RTC) and 32kB of EEPROM storage, too. For Raspberry Pi 3 boards, though, the HAT requires that the on-board Bluetooth radio is disabled to free up a serial port. While designed primarily for the Raspberry Pi family of single-board computers, the KNX HAT boasts impressive compatibility: In its default mode the board has been confirmed as working with the Raspberry Pi, Odroid C2 and C4, Rock Pi 4, Asus TinkerBoard S, Libre Le Potato, and Banana Pi M4 and M5, while a jumper allows it to be altered to work with the NanoPi M4 as well. The KNX HAT is now available for $79 on ZDI's Tindie store ; a bus-coupler unit (BCI) is also available for $50. A jumper to shift the serial pins increases the HAT's compatibility. (📷: ZDI)

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