Filtering pandas dataframe on multiple conditions using loc returns empty dataframe

I am trying to filter my dataframe on multiple conditions using loc

The data is coming from an Excel file that I imported into the dataframe using df = pd.read_csv()

Here is sample structure from the df using df.head() :


and I need to filter on the following criteria: State-Gov, Bachelors, Never-Married, Adm-Clerical, Not-in-family, White, Male, United States, <=50k

Here is the code that I wrote. It returns the correct columns, but no rows the df is empty :

df.loc[(df['Sector']=='State-Gov') & (df['Education']=='Bachelors') & (df['Married']=='Never-Married') & 
   (df['Job']=='Adm-Clerical') & (df['Family']=='Not-in-Family') & (df['Race']=='White') & (df['Gender']=='Male') & 
   (df['Location']=='United-States') & (df['Income']=='<=50k'), ['Sector', 'Education', 'Married', 'Job', 'Family', 'Race', 'Gender', 'Location', 'Income']]

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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