SSIS "Execute Process" Exit Code 253

General issue (lots of questions on this already):

I have an SSIS package that works from Visual Studio, but it fails from SQL Agent.

Specific Failure Point

  • Task: Execute Process
  • Executable invoked: aws cli
  • Error message: The process exit code was "253" while the expected was "0".

Things I've tried

  • Checked permissions on the executable and destination folder. They have execute and read/write permissions (respectively) for the SQL Agent user.
  • Looked up exit code 253; I haven't found any documentation on it.
  • Stripped away everything but the "Execute Process" task invoking AWS CLI. Still get error 253.
  • Multiple AWS CLI Commands (s3api get-object, s3 ls). Still get error 253.


My main question is: what is exit code 253?

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