Equivalent of kind load or minikube cache in kubeadm

I have 3 nodes kubernetes cluster managing with kubeadm. Previously i used kind and minikube. When I wanted make deployment based on docker image i just need make:

  • kind load docker-image in kind or,
  • minikube cache add in minikube,

Now, when I want make deployment in kubeadm I obviously get ImagePullBackOff. Question: Is a equivalent comment do add image to kubeadm and I can't find it, or there is entirely other way to solve that problem?


Maybe, question is not clear enough, so instead of delete it I try to put more details.

I have tree nodes (one control plane, and two workers) with docker, kubeadm, kubelet and kubectl installed on each. One deployment of my future cluster is machine learning module so I need tensorflow:

docker pull tensorflow/tensorflow

Using this image I build my own:

docker build -t mlimage:cluster -f ml.Dockerfile .

Next I prepare deployment.yaml

apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  name: mldeployment
      app: mldeployment
      name: mldeployment
  replicas: 1
        app: mldeployment
        name: mldeployment
      - name: mlcontainer
        image: mlimage:cluster
        imagePullPolicy: Never
        - name: http
          containerPort: 6060

and create it:

kubectl create -f mldeployment.yaml

Now, when I type

kubectl describe pod

In mldeployment are these events:

enter image description here

In that case of minikube or kind it was enought to simply add image to cluster typing

minikibe cache add ...


kind load docker-image ...


Question is how to add image from my machine to cluster in case of managing it from kubeadm. I assume that there is similar way to do that like for minikube or kind (without creating any connection to docker hub, because everything is locally).

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66099611/equivalent-of-kind-load-or-minikube-cache-in-kubeadm

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