Tensorflow strided_slice function

This function concatenates the sos symbol at the start of any string and removes the last column from a specified bunch of strings using tensorflow. I understand this for most part but I'm still having trouble with the strided_slice function. It takes the beginning and the end point from where we want to slice our vertex but the fourth argument i.e the stride of [1,1]. I don't know what this represents.

Here's the code:

def preprocess_outputs(outputs, words2int, batch_size):
    left_side = tf.fill([batch_size, 1], words2int['<SOS>'])
    right_side = tf.strided_slice(outputs, [0, 0], [batch_size, -1], [1, 1]) 
    preprocessed_output = tf.concat([left_side, right_side], 1)
    return preprocessed_output

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66274285/tensorflow-strided-slice-function

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