ReactJs App’s mapped list of buttons from Json file only have the last value of json array

I am making list of button that will lead to different YouTube videos on ReactJs page. The issue is that when I map the links from json file (which contains video links), all the buttons get the last link of the mapped array. I need a way that all the rendered buttons will get their respective links. My code is below, I am using react ModalVideo to show my YouTube video.

    <ul className="list-unstyled">
         {, index) => { 
                return  (
          <ModalVideo channel='youtube' autoplay isOpen={isOpen} videoId={value} onClose={() => setOpen(false)} />
          <button className="play-icon" onClick={()=> setOpen(true)}> <i className="las la-play"></i> Lecture: {index+1}</button>

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