Firebase Realtime Database Rules Denied Permission

I am registering user using Email/Password Sign-In-Method. So after successfully registration and loge in, I can't read and write my data in Firebase Real Time.

I'm new to Firebase so I can't really figure out what the main problem is or which steps I have missed.

This rule is obviously working fine:

       "rules": {
              ".read": "auth == null",
              ".write": "auth == null"

However, this rule is not working, although my user is already registered and has got a UID.

       "rules": {
              ".read": "auth != null",
              ".write": "auth != null"

It always shows the following error:

Exception occured while processing the request.

Request Data: {
 "Title":"hello World ",

Response: {
  "error" : "Permission denied"

What I currently want is to allow ANY registered user to read/write everybody's information, but it always denied the permission.


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My implementation for getting Firebase Data. The error is also pointing to the this method.

  public async Task<List<Appointment>> GetUserAppointment(string userId)
            var appointments = (await Firebase.Child("Appointments")
              .OnceAsync<Appointment>()).Where(a => a.Object.UID == userId).Select(item =>
              new Appointment
                  UID = item.Object.UID,
                  AppointmentID = item.Object.AppointmentID,
                  Title = item.Object.Title,
                  Date = item.Object.Date,
                  Time = item.Object.Time,
                  Status = item.Object.Status,
                  ReasonText = item.Object.ReasonText

            return appointments;

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