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With Vue 2, we could use this.$children to get all the children components in the component slot. But with Vue 3 this is not possible anymore. And I couldn't find anything about an alternative or a workaround!

So, can anyone help with that? :)

What I want to achieve is:

To have a component with let's say name TabsView

And I want to use it like this:

  <tabs-title target="tab1">Title1</tabs-title>
  <tab-content name="tab1">...</tab-content>

  <tabs-title target="tab2">Title2</tabs-title>
  <tab-content name="tab2">...</tab-content>

And I want all the logic inside the TabsView component. So that is why I want to get the $children within it. So I can build the tabs using the values of the children components.

Because I will use the same to build tabs in different many places. And I don't want to copy the logic with refs. unless there is a way to do that with refs without moving the same logic to every place I use the component

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