Error happening to do with PrintWriter.println("");

What I am about to show you does have code above it, but I commented it all out other than the class and main method and it still doesn't work - so can't be to do with that?

It is the PrintWriter.println("Hello"); that is the issue. It is println that is underlined red as an error, and any solutions IntelliJ tries to give me do not work.

 String filename = "src/data.csv";
            File file = new File(filename);

            //Creating the csv file if no file is already present.
            if (!file.exists()) ;
            try {
                System.out.println(file.getName() + "FILE CREATED");
            } catch (IOException e) {
                System.out.println("ERROR CREATING FILE" + e);

            try {
                FileWriter fileWriter = new FileWriter(filename);
                PrintWriter printWriter = new PrintWriter(fileWriter); //then put fileWriter inside printWriter
                System.out.println("Contents added to file.");
            } catch (IOException e) {


Has anyone got an idea of what is happening here?

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