Inset an image into an Open Office Draw document using Basic

I am wanting to insert an image into a LibreOffice Draw document using Basic. I create a Draw document and then I add a page to the document and then rename the pages. I want ti insert an image into Page1 and then add another Image to Page2. I have the pages created as I want but I am unable to insert the image into the page. Below is my code

    sub InsertImage()
    Dim Doc As Object
    Dim Page1 as Object
    Dim Page2 as Object

    Dim DocPath1 as String
        DocPath1 = ConvertToURL("MyImage1.jpg")
    Dim DocPath2 as String
        DocPath2 = ConvertToURL("MyImage2.jpg")

    Dim noArgs() 'An empty array for the arguments
    Dim sURL As String

        sURL = "private:factory/sdraw"

        Doc = StarDesktop.LoadComponentFromUrl(sURL, "_blank", 0, noArgs())
        Page1 = Doc.DrawPages(0)
        Page1.Name = "Image1"

        Page2 = Doc.Drawpages.insertNewByIndex(2)
        Page2.Name = "Image2"

       '    Page1.FillStyle =
       '    Page1.FillBitmapURL = DocPath1
    End sub

I have been reading Andrew Pitonyak's book but unable to find a source for what I am trying to do. FillStyle breaks the code.

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