Can’t retrieve outlook add-in custom properties from graph API

I need to save a custom property from my outlook add-in and retrieve the this value from graph Api.

I followed MS documentation, this link and this one.

I store the custom property with office.js methods loadCustomPropertiesAsync and customProps.saveAsync

I have checked the value is correctly stored to custom properties (I can read it from add-in when I come back to event)

When I try to check the value from graph API, the event is returned without custom props.

here is the request I use :

{{endpoint}}/Users/bc2d0290-xxx-4041d2d39b66/Events/AAMkADI1YTJjZTI1LWM4YjUtNxxxTvAAA=?$expand=singleValueExtendedProperties($filter=id eq 'String {00020329-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} Name cecp-myAddInManifestId')

What am I doing wrong ?

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