How to add functionality of Enter/Return key in an Edit Control in C++ Win32 API

I know that in Win32 API (no MFC), in an edit control, there's no functionality of enter key. In a standard textbox, when we press the enter key, the cursor jumps to the next line. I want to add that function of the enter key to the edit control.

I tried subclassing and I was able to detect enter key press but how do I jump to the next line?

This is the following subclass :-

    HWND hWnd,
    UINT msg,
    WPARAM wp,
    LPARAM lp,
    UINT_PTR uIdSubclass,
    DWORD_PTR dwRefData
    switch (msg)
        case WM_CHAR :
            if (wp == VK_RETURN)
               // Add functionality here
        default :
            return DefSubclassProc (hWnd, msg, wp, lp);

    return 0;

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