How to test multiple PHP TypeErrors in one test?

I have following method:

MyClass {
   public function __construct(array $data, ?SomeObject $object): void

I have following test:

public function testWrongDataTypeThrowsErrorException(): void

    //works as expected
    new MyClass(null, new SomeObject);
    //this is never called
    new MyClass('string', new SomeObject);

And what happens is it only runs 1 test/assertion with the null parameter. The second time when I try to create MyClass with string, it never gets there. Why is that?

The same logic works if the code throws regular Exception.

I can write 2 separate methods instead, but thats very inconvenient.

Or is it stupid to test for this? My idea is that I want to test that the method accept array and only array. So if somebody would remove it from the method the test would fail.

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