are you supporting and giving servises to dogeland?

do you support ? the site is completely scam i paid them 0.5 ethereum and they promissed to give me 330 doge coin each they for 340 days and also they promissed to send the dogecoins maximum in 24 hour to our E- wallet my first withdrawal was 330 doge coin and they paid me after 72 hours and then i withdraw 665 dogecoin 11 days ago but its pending and they do not sent the money i researched almost 30000 people have this problem just one withdrawing then nothing .... their support time did not answer at all for 15 days ans also dogeland@info tis their email and they dont answer at all even one word not just for me for all of the people you can search and see the scammed people comments i gave then 0.5 ethereu and i have a 660 dogecoin pending to send and each day they add doge coin to my account but because i have a prnding withdrawal i cant request to withdraw 3000 doges in my account i wish you could help me im a student my father is blind and i pay the family the money which the scammed was my 6 month income for working in restaurant 15 hours a day im getting crazy i take 10 relaxing tablet each day may be 1500$ isnot much money for you but our country has the most worthless money in world and 1500$ is my 1 year income laboring in a restaurant 15 hours a day please help me to recover my money i have a screen shot of my payment and also i can show you 3200 dogecoins in my account that is like trash because i can not with draw them you are a great company and for your company people trust and being popular is impoortant .... every where is written that their site is under your support please do something im too poor and i have Phd exam 3 month later but because of losing money im working every day you are my last hope some good lawyers and refund companies gives me warranty to refund the money and the profit but they ask me to pay 400$ and i dont have money plz help me god bless you i promise you if you want i can guide hundred of people to yo

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