How to insert annotation on the very top facet of ggplot in R?

I would like to have the annotation on the very first facet of the following ggplot. right now, the code draws annotation on all facets. Anyway forward would be appreciate.



DF <- data.frame(Date = seq(as.Date("2001-01-01"), to = as.Date("2005-12-31"), by = "1 month"),
                  Ob = runif(60,1,5), L95 =runif(60, 0,4), U95 = runif(60,2,7), Sim = runif(60,1,5)) %>% 
      pivot_longer(names_to = "Variable", values_to = "Value", -Date)

ggplot(data = DF, aes(x = Date))+
  geom_line(aes(y = Value))+
  facet_wrap(~ Variable, scales = "free_y", nrow = 4)+
  geom_vline(xintercept = as.Date("2004-12-01"),color = "red", size = 1.30)+
  annotate(geom = "text", x = as.Date("2002-01-01"), y = 3, label = "Calibration")+
  annotate(geom = "text", x = as.Date("2005-06-01"), y = 3, label = "Validation")

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