How would I make a create a program in C# that rolls 2 die in a method and then returns a result to the main method?

In my class, we are starting to delve into methods, and I just cannot wrap my head around them for some reason. I've looked over multiple website tutorials, but I just cant understand it. One of our labs is as follows:

For this lab, create a method (separate from your main method) that "rolls" two six side dice, and then calculates the result. That result should be returned using return. In your main program, just have the system roll the dice 5 times (by calling the method 5 times) and display the results.

I know this is probably super simple stuff, but I can't wrap my head around it. I'm not specifically asking anyone to give me the program, I'm mostly just asking for a simple explanation of methods. Although, I would heavily appreciate it if someone could, as imo, I learn stuff like this better by looking at a physical example. Thanks

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