Global color theming palette in Angular application

The goal is to get proper way of naming and using custom color palette setting list to create global colors setup for reusable components directives in Angular project

I've switched from Ionic where I have theme/theme.scss provided by default, and I am a bit confused as with using of some Angular Material prebuild theme, or even without using Angular Material components library.

I've installed ng add @angular/material first time with a Custom and then I've tried with Pink/Blue Grey-bluegrey prebuild theme.

I see @import '~@angular/material/theming'; in styles.scss and I can create mat component, but in some examples I see palette which must be _theming.scss file, which I can't find it in node_modules and Theming your Angular Material app shows different document _all-theme.scss which is also not found in my project.

Maybe I've missed something or I have to create theme manually

Any advice, guide or example would be helpful

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