How to change slider bar color using setSliderColor on multiple sliders when using renderUI in R Shiny

I have multiple sliders that are reactive upon other data that I want to change the color of. I'm trying to avoid long bouts of CSS code, so I'd like to use shinyWidget's setSliderColor() function is possible. This answer worked when I just had one slider, but now that I have two sliders, it won't work. Here's a reproducible example:


ui <- fluidPage(
            textInput(inputId = "greeting",
                      label = "Say hi!"),
            actionButton(inputId = "submit", 
                         label = "Submit"),

server <- function(input, output) {
        data <- reactive({
            if(input$greeting == "hi!") {
            tibble(name = c("Justin", "Corey", "Sibley"),
                       grade = c(50, 100, 100))}
        output$table <- renderDT({
        output$num_slider <- renderUI({
            if(length(data()) > 0) {
                fluidPage(setSliderColor("#CA001B", sliderId = 1),
                          sliderInput(inputId = "num_filter2",
                                      label = "Filter by Number",
                                      min = 1,
                                      max = 10,
                                      value = c(1, 10)))}
        output$num_slider2 <- renderUI({
            if(length(data()) > 0) {
                #This one won't change color
                fluidPage(setSliderColor("#CA001B", sliderId = 2),
                          sliderInput(inputId = "num_filter2",
                                      label = "Filter by Number",
                                      min = 100,
                                      max = 10000,
                                      value = c(100, 10000)))}

# Run the application 
shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

I've tried changing the sliderId to both be 1, or to even go from -100:100, but I can only get it to change one slider. Strangely, in my real dashboard, it only changes the last one but doesn't change earlier sliders, but in this one, it only changes the first one. I wonder if it could do with the order that I coded it? Any help would be appreciated!

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