How do you overwrite a child row in the widget treeview?

I am trying to overwrite a child within a parent in the treeview table. A method which I have tried is to delete and insert the new child row but after a running the code I get the error:

_tkinter.TclError: Item I003 I004 I005 I006 not found

Deleting and inserting new children works about 5 times before I get this error. From what I can figure, once all the children have been added and deleted once I get the error above. It is like the iid isn't reset once they are deleted.

I need to either select a specific child and overwrite it or delete a child and insert a new one in its place..

This is some of my code where I am getting the children within the selected tab, deleting them and inserting a new one.

tree_select = tree.focus()
clear_tree_children = tree.get_children(tree_select)

clear_tree_children = tree.get_children(tree_select)
        if len(clear_tree_children) > 0:
            for child in clear_tree_children:

if tree_phys.get() == 1:
            disPhys = ("", "", "", "", "", "Physical Disability")
            tree.insert(parent=tree_select, index=END, values=disPhys)

Has anyone got any ideas or other methods on how I can resolve this?

Thanks, Jacob

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