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In Google Sheets, I have 2 columns (A and B) of text and I'm trying to set up conditional formatting to identify partial duplicates for when these 2 criteria are both met:

  • Text in A exactly matches with any other cell in A


  • Any of the individual words in cell B match any of the words in any other cell in B

So, if A2 = "" and B2 = "Big Bonus"

I want it to flag any other cells where A = "" and B = "Bonus Donuts" or "Biggest Exciting Bonus Ever" (because "Bonus" is identified as the duplicate) or "Exciting Big Day" (because "Big" is identified as the duplicate). I need it to be case-agnostic.

Nothing I have tried has even come close to working, so I won't include any of it here.

Sample Data:

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