Building iOS app for Mac target — App stops responding after showing dropdown/navigation sheet

I am experimenting building a version of our iOS app with a mac target. There is a particular view that has a dropdown/cover/sheet. If we open the sheet then close it again, from that point onwards the Mac version of the app stops responding to any click.

The app works fine in iOS (iphone/ipad) I wonder if this is a normal problem with sheets on the mac app, or if there might be something quirky about our app that we need to look into. So:

Do sheets work in iOS apps built/targeted especially for Mac?

struct ParsingQuizSetupView: View {


    @State var inQuiz:Bool = false

    var body: some View {
        VStack(alignment: .center){

        Button(action: {
            self.inQuiz = true
        }, label { ... }


        }).sheet(isPresented: $inQuiz, content:{


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