Framebuffer with hdri & different shaders

Im using the docking branch and ImGUI with opengl backend. I am rendering opengl into a framebuffer and then add this to ImGui::Image, works pretty nice:

enter image description here

uint64_t textureID = mFrameBuffer->get_texture();
// I know reinterpret_cast is evil - better solution?
ImGui::Image(reinterpret_cast<void*>(textureID), ImVec2{ mSize.x, mSize.y }, ImVec2{ 0, 1 }, ImVec2{ 1, 0 });

I use a simple directional light fragment shader.

My question is: If I want to lighten the scene with an hdri (different shader), how can I combine this with the framebuffer? Does someone has an example or can tell me the basic steps, just to be on the right track.

Thx in advance! Jay

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