How does an Android device (running a SnapDragon processor of some sort) detect a new MIPI display?

I'm working on a project that is utilising a Qualcomm Open-q 2500 SOM running a APQ8909W processor. The SOM has a 4-lane MIPI D-PHY interface which can run a display at 720P (60Hz).

Whilst the development kit we are working on comes with a display that is essentially plug and play, we are trying to connect a new display via a MIPI-RGB bridge. To acheive this I'm trying to gain a better understanding of how MIPI works in a system such the one stated above.

Can someone please explain to me the process of how a MIPI display is detected by the processor? Does the D-PHY controller and it's related driver take care of detection once the system is started?

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