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I have a sheet with several columns, containing a Name in the first cell, and then different values in the other cells.


John Smith    65  40  30  30  50
Paul White    80  20  50  90  10
Karen Gill    75  34  16  19  88
Norman Black  85  10  40  43  25
Peter Smith   44  40  33  12  50

Now I am trying to order these by the top 5 in every cell, and display them with Name and Value. I am doing something like this at the moment:-


This works perfectly, however, if I have the same value, I am getting the same name, instead of different names. If I take my example, I have 40 and 50 in row 1 and row 5. So at the moment for the second row of values I would get :-

John Smith    40
John Smith    40  
Karen Gill    34
Paul White    20
Norman Black  10

instead of :-

John Smith    40
Peter Smith    40  
Karen Gill    34
Paul White    20
Norman Black  10

Can I do it any other way so that I can get the "second" name if the value is the same, instead of the same name?

Thanks in advance for your help

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