ARRAYFORMULA FILTER VLOOKUP solution for multiple condition formula Google sheets

I need an ARRAYFORMULA, VLOOKUP or FILTER formula in K7 that:

Puts the date from A7:A IF the value in J7:J is >= E7:E AND <= F7:F AND D7:D = "Traverse"

I have got multiple solutions to work on the individual rows, but none to work as an array formula to effect the entire column.





=ArrayFormula(IFNA(vlookup(J7:J2064,Query(sort(filter({date("20"&left(A7:A,2),mid(A7:A,3,2),right(A7:A,2)),A7:G},D7:D="Traverse"),6,1,1,0),"Select Col6,Col2",0),2,1)))

an example sheet is here if anyone can shed any light :)

enter image description here

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