Constants with multiple static class for Xaml properties

I've generated some constants from images files in our project. However, I'm having trouble accessing multiple static classes as a Xaml property.

Cannot resolve type "Constants.Images.Icons.IcAccount.Svg". (XFC0000)

namespace Common
    public static class Constants
        public static class Images
            public static class Icons
                public static class IcAccount
                    public static readonly string Svg = "res:images.icons.ic_account";
                    public static readonly string File = "ic_account.svg";
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

            ButtonImage="{x:Static common:Constants.Images.Icons.IcAccount.Svg}"

I've tried several variations however I can't specify any more than {x:Static common:Constants.Svg}

I found this as an initial basis, but it doesn't use multiple classes.

I’d be happy to change the format of my constants class.

Read more here:

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