Python program with 1 server and 2 clients

I need a help with my python activity. This requires 2 clients and 1 server. This is a system to support an online math contest.

Rule: There are two participants answering at the same time.

The host is responsible in starting up the server, after that they wait for the clients. When the two clients are connected, they must send the message: READY to the server. When the server receives the two READY from the clients, the contest starts.

The server will display 3 questions one after another which can be answered in 30 secs each.

11+10 = 21
10+22 = 32
10+10 = 20

The participant with most correct answers wins.

At the end of the program, the server must show the results.

Client1 WINS! 2/3
Client2: 1/3

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