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I have multiple line items in the dropdown menu in flutter like this :

enter image description here

It is shown perfectly fine in the dropdown pop up but in dropdown button it shows bottomoverflow like this :

enter image description here

Here is code for the same :

                                        child: DropdownButton(
                                          items: value) {
                                            return new DropdownMenuItem<String>(
                                              value: value,
                                              child: SizedBox(
                                                height: 10 * SizeConfig.heightMultiplier,
                                                child: Column(
                                                  children: [
                                                    SizedBox(height: 1.5 * SizeConfig.heightMultiplier),
                                                    new Text(value, overflow: TextOverflow.clip),
                                                    SizedBox(height: 1.5 * SizeConfig.heightMultiplier),
                                          onChanged: (String newValue) {
                                            setState(() {
                                              _selectedShippingAddress = newValue;
                                          hint: Text("Select address"),
                                          selectedItemBuilder: (BuildContext context) {
                                            return<Widget>((String item) {
                                              return Container(
                                                child: Text(item),
                                          style: TextStyle(
                                              fontSize: 1.9 *
                                              fontFamily: 'Montserrat'),
                                          value: _selectedShippingAddress,
                                          isExpanded: true,
                                          underline: Container(
                                            height: 1,
                                            color: Theme.of(context)
                                          icon: Icon(Icons.arrow_drop_down),
                                          isDense: true,

So what is a solution for this? Can anyone help on this?

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