Disaster Recovery for HashiCorp Consul on Kubernetes

Recently, we released a new tutorial that equips practitioners responsible for business continuity and disaster recovery with the tools they need to develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan when operating HashiCorp Consul on Kubernetes in a multi-datacenter federation.

This tutorial will:

  • Review the essential data and secrets you must backup and secure in order to recover from a datacenter loss or lengthy cloud provider outage
  • Show you how to set up a lab environment to practice performing a recovery
  • Review the manual recovery steps you will take to recover a lost primary datacenter and help you think about ways to automate them

»Bonus Material

This tutorial has a companion repository that includes:

  • A fully functioning 4-tier app
  • HashiCorp Terraform code to rapidly setup your lab environment
  • Examples on how to use HashiCorp Vault or other 3rd party providers as a certificate authority for Consul
  • Examples on how to configure a multi-region, multi-datacenter federation using mesh gateways with the official Consul Helm chart

»Learn More

Learn more about using Consul on Kubernetes in production with this collection of tutorials on HashiCorp Learn.

Read more here: https://www.hashicorp.com/blog/disaster-recovery-for-hashicorp-consul-on-kubernetes

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