Reactjs state variable does not update

I am trying to make a simple game of chess in react and am trying to do so in a function component utilizing react hooks. In order to move a peice the player must click the peice they want to move and then click the desired square to move it to. Below is a snippet of my board component:

const Board = () => {
    const [clicked, setClicked] = useState(false);
    const [from, setFrom] = useState("");
    const [to, setTo] = useState("");

    const clickHandler = (i, j) => {
        if (!clicked) {
        } else {
        console.log(from + ', ' + to);

the problem arrises from the to and from state variables not being updated when I want them to. The console output ends up looking like:

some_value, some_value

where the to and from values are only updated on the next click event even when the console.log() is after the setFrom()/setTo() calls.

I am pretty sure that useState is not the hook I want to use here, but after trying useRef and useReducer a little and running into similar situations, I am in the dark as to what the best way would be to handle this situation.

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