Unable to see Coverage details on Sonarqube Dashboard for C#

Our Sonar Build Environment details as follows:-

• SonarQube Server Version - 5.6.6 (64-Bit). 
• Sonar-scanner- Version -
• SonarQube Server Operating System – Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS (64-Bit). 
• sonar-csharp-plugin-
• Sonar Build Machine Operating System: Windows-7 (64-bit)

Problem Description:-

I have installed the (sonar-csharp-plugin- successfully, I am able to scan the code as well, However when I tried to configure the dotCover - Coverage report with the below property. I am unable to see the same in our SonarQube dashboard.


Also I have observed that in Server under Administration-->General Settings-->C# tab I can only File suffixes and Ignore Header comments items. I can't see Coverage details like other language plugins.

So kindly help me to configure the same.

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44624608/unable-to-see-coverage-details-on-sonarqube-dashboard-for-c-sharp

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