Unit testing Coverage report not showing on SonarQube Dashboard

Our Sonar Build Environment details as follows:

* SonarQube Server Version - 5.6.6 (64-Bit). 
* Sonar Client Build Operating System – Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS (64-Bit). 
* Sonar-scanner- Version -
* sonar-cxx-plugin-0.9.7.jar
* Source Code Language: C++
* gcovr Version - 3.3

Current Problem:

We have Unit testing coverage report (Gcovr - .XML based - CoverageReport.xml) file, Sonar doesn’t show any error message in log, also it is not showing coverage information on SonarQube Dashboard. My sonar-project.properties file has below information to import my coverage report.


Sonar Scanner Log not showing any error. Whereas I can see import successful.

10:28:23.717 INFO  - Scanner found '1' report files
10:28:23.717 INFO  - Parser will parse '1' report files
10:28:23.921 INFO  - Added report '/home/srinivas.ghs/Jenkins/workspace/VE_Engine/MORE_SERVICE/VideoMaker/Development/DREAM/VE_L/CoverageReport.xml' (parsed by: CoberturaParser) to the coverage data
10:28:24.080 INFO  - Project 'scm.team.videoeditor' Cycles:0 Feedback cycles:0 Tangles:0 Weight:0.0
10:28:24.081 INFO  - Sensor CxxSquidSensor (done) | time=11057ms

Note: I have Configured Unit Tests Coverage & Integration Tests Coverage Wedgits.

So could you help me to display my unit testing coverage report on SonarQube Dashboard.

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44581340/unit-testing-coverage-report-not-showing-on-sonarqube-dashboard

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