How to add item per line in linux terminal bash `apt install` command?

System is Debian 10 with xfce 4.
I usually use \ at the end of line when bash command has multi parameters.Then I tried:

pc@server:~$     apt install -y ./code_1.54.1-1614898113_amd64.deb\  

But I didn't get what I want. I know it's ok to use seperate parameters,like:

pc@server:~$  apt install -y ./code_1.54.1-1614898113_amd64.deb ./veracrypt-1.24-Update7-Debian-10-amd64.deb ./bcompare- ./dbeaver-ce_21.1.0_amd64_a0667a.deb ./rstudio-1.4.1106-aqmd64.deb 

Is there any way to set parameters one per line when using bash apt install command?

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