Authentication Issue Argo CD with Azure DevOps Server 2020 – Git Repo


I have the following scenario, I'm using Argo CD for deploying my kustomize config to a OKD Cluster, the config is hosted in a Git-Repo on the AzureDevOps 2020 (On premise). SSL Certs are present on all sides. (Successful tried out to do a git connect from the argo CD Instance to the AzureDevOps GitRepo).

The error I'm getting is:

I've tried the following:

  1. Creating a PAT in AzureDevops with read rights on the repo, also tried full access.
  • On Argo CD, in the connect git-repo dialog i tried the following without success: enter image description here(image from argocd homepage)
    1. Try:
      • Repository URL: https://theServer/<project>/_git/<repository>
      • Username: <username of PAT>
      • Password: <The PAT>
    2. Try:
      • Repository URL: https://theServer/<account>/<project>/_git/<repository>
      • Username: something - couldn't leave it blank
      • Password: <The PAT>
    3. Try:
      • Generating a SSH Key using it own booth sides

I've also tried to find something on the net. Is there anyone how got a similar scenario up an running? Best case with the PAT.

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