Pulling images from private registry in Kubernetes

I have built a 4 node kubernetes cluster running multi-container pods all running on CoreOS. The images come from public and private repositories. Right now I have to log into each node and manually pull down the images each time I update them. I would like be able to pull them automatically.

  1. I have tried running docker login on each server and putting the .dockercfg file in /root and /core
  2. I have also done the above with the .docker/config.json
  3. I have added secret to the kube master and added imagePullSecrets:
    • name: docker.io to the Pod configuration file.

When I create the pod i get the error message Error:

image <user/image>:latest not found

If I log in and run docker pull it will pull the image. I have tried this using docker.io and quay.io.

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/32726923/pulling-images-from-private-registry-in-kubernetes

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